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I get it.  Green juice doesn’t look apealing to everyone.  I thought so too.  Who wants to drink something that tastes bad.  SURPRISE, it tastes great! Give it a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised.  We LOVE it.  My whole gang drinks it.  Sometimes I’m secretly annoyed that EVERYONE”S DRINKING MY JUICE. But, how can I deny my crew such amazing nutrients,

The juice we drink has loads of celery and kale along with spinach, red and green apples and lemon or lime.  It tastes like super fresh celery lemonade according to my kids. The juice I drink in the morning sets the course for my day.  I really don’t crave processed foods.  I think when you put that much super power in your body you don’t want to mess it up with additives.  If you read about celery juice alone the data screams super food. The claims run the gamut from cancer fighting to anti aging, lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, aides in digestive disorders, anti inflammatory, a diuretic and more.

MY favorite benefits of drinking green juice every day are to my skin and hair. It hydrates skin and cleans toxins from skin cells. I’ve been struggling with weak thinning hair for years now.  I thought the days of thick beautiful hair were gone but after just 6 weeks of juicing daily I’m seeing a huge difference.  My over all skin and hair feels ten years younger. Thats reason enough.

A few things to think about when juicing… The nutrients in juice will oxidise and dissipate with time.  It is best to drink imediately after juicing. Juice purists say not to add ice but i have to admit I like it cold so I add an ice cube or two. I’m skeptical of juice bottled on the shelf.  I think fresh pressed is best. But if you purchase it prebottled try to find one dated within 72 hours of being squeezed.

When choosing your juice ingredients consider that sweet fruits and starchy vegetables like carotts and beets will add calories. The juice I make is the right blend of sweet apples and believe it or not a lemon adds a bit of sweetness to the kale, spinach and celery. Ginger adds just a bit of freshness.  It’s so delicious weighing in at about 100 calories with a list of nutrients for your whole day.

Just a side note …My sweet red head has freckles on her knuckles. And every where else too.❤️

So here’s my recipe for the Green Juice we drink daily.


  • 5 stalks of celery
  • 5 stalks of kale
  • 1 lemon skin on
  • 1 red apple
  • 1 green apple
  • large handful of spinach
  • 1′ piece of fresh ginger



  • Add all of the above to a Juicer I use a Breville Elite
  • stir and serve
  • Makes two servings.

Hope you’ll give juicing a try. I haven’t yet done a juice only clense but I hear the benifits are great.  If you’ve done it leave me a comment with your thoughts.




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